Now I lie awake at 4 in the morning,

trying to find an inspiration to write.

I am thinking about the things that make me feel differently,

Something that brightens my eyes with awe when I catch a glimpse of it,

Something that sounds like a soothing melody to my quiet-loving ears,

Something that makes my heart race when it crosses my mind.

What should it be?

Should I write about the purity of a new love, or the gut-wrenching pain of a heartbreak?

Or the innocence of a child?

Or the hatred in the world?

Or about the games life loves to play with us,

on a gloomy see-saw, having its own ups and downs, highs and lows?

Something that would move your heart and touch your soul?

Or something that would chill you to the bone and burn a deep hole?

The inspiration surrounds me wherever I go,

I just got to look at the right direction, I guess.

My life has given me too many experiences and memories to write about,

But oh God, how am I supposed to pick the one that you’d like to read?

What is it about my life that would appeal you enough to reach the end of it?

Life is a little crazy, you know?

You keep looking for something that’s right there before you,

but you overlook it, always hoping to find something better instead.

You will eventually lose it all, because there’s one thing I’ve learned about life;

It disappoints us all and leaves us uncertain.

Are you looking for the end yet?