When life becomes impossible for you,

when it gets harder and harder to keep yourself alive,

just close your eyes, and wander away.

Think of the place you call your dreamland.

Think of all the good things you have seen in the world.

Think of the good people you have had the luck to meet.

When you feel tired of the reality,

just close your eyes, and fly away.

You think of a place with a bright shining sun,

and let some grass grow along the foots of the trees.

Look above, see the infinite blue sky decorated with the white clouds.

Keep walking through the pathway along with those butterflies,

They will lead you to a magical place filled with colors.

Now you inhale deeply, smell the fragrance they have brought you to.

This is what peace smells like.

Close your eyes, and take it all in.

Breathe the freshness of peace into your lungs.

Now you say goodbye to the butterflies, and walk ahead.

Why? Because nothing is meant to stay with you altogether, and you need to learn to let things go.

Keep walking through the trail of fallen petals as they touch your feet.

Look at that river far away, walk towards it.

Sit near the water, and close your eyes.

Listen to the calming melody the water is singing to you.

Feel the cold breeze as it runs through your hair.

This is the place you need to come to when nothing seems worthwhile.

But you need to remember, you’re not here to stay.

So you got to stand up now, and turn around.

Why? Because you need to learn to walk away from certain things.

Keep walking, there’s always something better coming your way.

Look above, the sky is full of freedom.

You can hear the chirping sounds of happiness.

You can see them fly away into the blue.

Smile at them.

Why? Because you need to learn how to spread your wings.

Keep walking barefoot through the wet soil.

Look at that sad dog sitting beside the bench.

Walk towards him, he is now happy you are here.

Look at this innocent creature that only knows how to love.

Sit beside him, and give him some back.

Why? Because you need to learn how to love selflessly.

Now, it is time for you to go.

Come back to the reality.

Open your eyes, and look around.

The world isn’t so magical after all.

But you will always be magical yourself.