“I lived my life as I pleased,

There wasn’t much that was left unsaid or undone.

I did it all and I had no regrets.

And I lived my life to the fullest.”

But that’s not quite true, is it?

I lived my life as they wanted me to.

There were a lot of words that almost reached my tongue but then quickly swallowed back.

It all stayed in my heart locked away.

I didn’t do all that I wished to, they stopped me where they wanted me to stop.

I kept it all locked away in my heart.

But yes, I would say that I have a stubborn heart.

I don’t do what I want, I don’t say what I want,

I don’t always get what I ask for,

But I do feel what I want to feel.

My heart gets broken, my heart is tainted,

But I feel my emotions as deeply as I feel.

The world fails to inflict its opinion on my heart.

I care, and I love, and I keep loving,

And the world can not stop me there.

The people stab me in my back,

they lie to my face and make false promises to me,

but it doesn’t affect how I feel.

Yes, I have a stubborn heart.

They do what they do, yet I feel as I want to feel.

They keep giving me reasons for not loving them,

And I keep on loving them like I do not care.

They make me their hostage because I care,

Yet, I choose to care with all my heart.

They believe they have the upper hand,

but they don’t realize they are on the top because I put them there.

I make them valuable because of my love.

Without my love, they have no power over me.

Yet, I choose to love them, anyway.

Because I always had a stubborn heart.