Ruins of My Life

My words.

Mental Health Awareness

This is for those who are living or have lived through depression, those who are kind to people even when it’s hard for them, and especially for those who are insensitive, unnecessarily blunt, hurtful, or bullies. Depression is very real.... Continue Reading →

This is for you

One day our paths will cross, and I will finally have you for good. And when you ask me about the things I find fascinating in this dead-end world, I will tell you about the little kid I saw on... Continue Reading →


Just like seasons, you changed, it was slow but predictable. Yet every coming year brings with it a new sense of false prediction, Maybe, you will fall back into my arms as the falling white snow, Or maybe, your smile... Continue Reading →


When people enquire about why I do not like winter, I smile and tell them I never really liked chilly weather. I could never bring myself to tell them that when the cold breeze touches my skin, it reminds me... Continue Reading →

Protected: Patthar

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


The way you look at me And make me laugh You take me by my hand Tell me it will last I believe the things you say Even when I doubt The way you touch my skin And kiss my... Continue Reading →

To The Messy Days

There will be some days when you will feel lonelier, more broken and empty than your usual days. You will find it hard to move forward. Your feet will stumble and stop in crowded places. You will lose your focus... Continue Reading →


The distance kept growing like the ends of a weak thread being pulled apart, Eventually leading to a point of breaking, of not being able to stay one anymore. There was resentment in their eyes with every bit of harshness... Continue Reading →

Protected: Random rants #life

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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