Ruins of My Life

My words.

The Leopard

You entered my life like a bright sunny morning, When I was afraid to face the darkness by myself. You tell me it is okay to be scared sometimes, But I know I got nothing to be afraid of now... Continue Reading →

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Blank Slate

I hold you close with the ray of hope in a dark room where I abide by rules of misery and abuse   O my blank slate I will paint you with bright colors and decorate you with glitter and... Continue Reading →

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When the time comes for me to say goodbye, do not cry. When my hands turn cold and my feet turn blue, do not be looking for a clue. When you look at my pale face and I don't smile... Continue Reading →

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The child in me dwindles as I age and my skin wrinkles. I sigh at the sight of my naked body that once bloomed with beauty, untouched. I once had the skin of a baby, soft as silk blank like... Continue Reading →

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Out of Place

There used to be a good time, when the world around me seemed to be normal. Everything felt normal, and myself. It's quite hard to understand how I have come to reach this point of total despair. This world where... Continue Reading →

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Take me back

Take me back to the start, when I owned my heart. To the time I didn't know the world's going to tear me apart. When I was too innocent to see the cruelty, living in the blind world of my... Continue Reading →

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Something I Lost

As I sit here in my room, all I see is the darkness of this world, It touches my eyes, then darkens my soul. I try to figure why I find this darkness here, this is supposed to be my... Continue Reading →

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A Free Tail

You were trapped in a box It was dark and void You cut your wings To fit in and cling Your fragile claws clenched onto the edge Afraid to let go of the cage You held on long enough To... Continue Reading →


Love them beyond their flaws and tell them it's what makes them unique Overlook the errors they make and help their heart to let go of the guilt Hold their hand when they're afraid to walk alone and remind them... Continue Reading →


A fairytale it once was the close-to-perfect characters in a perfectly written storyline unappreciated, it flopped. The seventeen-storey building with perfectly lit hallways and magnificently carved wooden doors trembled, it crumbled down. He took the woman in not by her... Continue Reading →

Just Maybe

Wandering places at hours of cold, I look for an edge to stay A heart to love, a hand to hold A lover to care, a friend to play. There are flowers with thorns, and skies with rains And clouds... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Love

The man of his words, He is free like a bird Full of wisdom and heart He is an admirer of art. He wants to fly high, Without being bound by restrictions, And my heart's caught between a contradiction. His... Continue Reading →

First kiss

My prince charming, I met you on a winter morning The cold breeze ran through your curly short hair and I fell for those blue eyes right there. You held my hand and kissed my cheek, I could feel my... Continue Reading →

दोहरा हिस्सेदार

यह इस दुनिया की फितरत है, यह ज़िन्दगी का उसूल है, यहाँ बेबसी की है धूप, यहाँ की छाँव भी फ़िज़ूल है।   किसी को है अपनों से शिकायत, कोई अजनबियों की ज़िल्लत का है मारा। यहाँ गूंजती है महफ़िलों... Continue Reading →

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